In today’s world, we get new inventions and scientific breakthroughs on a weekly basis. New and innovative medications are produced regularly and new chemical compounds are discovered frequently. However, addictive and illegal drugs have been a dark consequence of those new breakthroughs for a long time. Using substances and creating new ways of exploiting chemical compounds for illicit gains has been a practice of many criminals for ages. When those drugs are released to the black market, they cause terrible consequences. The drug called ICE is no exception.

What is ICE?

ICE is a type of extremely purified methamphetamine used by addicts to achieve mental and physical euphoria. It causes an intense state of awareness and is highly addictive. Addicts usually smoke ICE and it allows them to feel very euphoric or ecstatic and stay awake for unnatural periods of time. It’s a trip or a high that they say compares to no other, but it also causes extensive damage to the body.

It is widely considered by experts to be the most destructive drug on the black market and is a cause of many deaths each passing year. While chasing the perfect high, addicts will stay up as long as the supply of ICE lasts. They’ll become sleep deprived, malnourished and paranoid. Then, when the effects wear off, users feel exhausted, depressed, and hopeless. It’s no surprise that they’ll do just about anything to go get another hit of the addictive substance.

ICE is very addictive

ICE is highly addictive. Those who try it even one time may become very addicted and have an unquenchable thirst for more. It can completely turn lives around in a negative way and obliterate the personalities of a person who becomes addicted. The once responsible, happy, and successful man or woman can lose themselves and everything in a short matter of time when they become addicted to ICE.

Besides the devastating effect on physical and mental health, ICE can destroy the social life of people who start using it. Because of the strong effects, it has on users, addicts usually forget their old friends and family and spend their days in a never-ending search for more of the drug. Over time, as tolerance increases, addicts will start using more and more in order to get the high they desire. Unfortunately, this causes the risk for an overdose to increase significantly.

Consequences of ICE abuse

As with any drug, long-term use can destroy a number of things in the addict’s life. The addict may lose family, friends, job, money, house, dignity, and so on. Many end up on the street, living in a dope house, or in a shelter. He or she may also suffer from long term memory loss, paranoia, health issues, and extreme weight loss. Because of its potent nature, even the smallest dose of ICE can end in severe addiction and may even cause death.

What can an addict do for help?

ICE addicts ought to be hospitalized and treated as soon as possible because ICE can destroy the mind and body with alarming efficiency. He or she will also face daunting withdrawal effects, such as intense cravings, muscle aches, headache, sweating, ravishing appetite, high anxiety, and confusion. It is advised that ICE addicts seek the help of an intensive treatment rehab in order to be under the care of substance abuse professionals. There may be a medication that can ease some of the withdrawal symptoms and counselors are there to help the addict learn how to live life without addiction controlling his life.

Hawaii Island Recovery can help with ICE addiction

If you’re struggling with addiction to ICE or any other drug, please reach out for help today. You do not have to live in addiction any longer. Let others help you through the detox process and help you get your life back together. Make a call today to take your first step today to get free.