The weekend excursion started off with yoga

The day, as usual, started off with an hour-long yoga session, succeeded by a transition into a deeper relaxation by the yoga teacher in Hawaii.

Clients were walking along a black sand beach

She brought her harmonium and sang while the sonorous melodies filled the house. At 9;30, everyone was in the van ready to go to an undisclosed location. We drove down the highway for about half an hour until we reached a dirt road that led to the ocean. We parked and walked along a black sand beach then through a path carved out on oceanside lava rock. We got to the destination which was a totally secluded, expansive beach with just the right amount of shade to take a nap under. We wall relaxed, shared stories, and went in and out of the water.

Yoga at Hawaii Island Recovery

In the mid-afternoon, the sun was wildly strong, but we were all so placid that we decided to stay until time constraints forced us to leave. The people that were the most apprehensive about hiking were the saddest that the day had to come to an end.