Our Staff

Hawaii Island Recovery has a treatment team comprised of licensed professionals who practice the most effective evidence based therapies to treat addiction, mental health disorders and chronic pain. These include EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Brainspotting,  CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Neurofeedback, Experiential Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Psychodynamic Group processing and Life Skills groups. Our therapists and physicians provide personalized care and cutting edge interventions to ensure our clients have the tools and insight to maintain their sobriety.

Executive Team

James Kayihura

Managing Director

Stephen H. Denzer, M.D., FACP

Medical Director, Board Certified in Addiction and Internal Medicine

Eliza Wille, MS

Clinical Coordinator & Primary Therapist

Gudrun Baumgaertl, Ph.D

Finance Director

Admission Team

Kevin Deeds

Director of Admissions & Utilization Review

Alyssa Kratz

Yoga Therapist & Intake Specialist

Clinical Team

Fernando Manon, MSEd., CSAC


Zahava Zaidoff, M-RAS


Dr.Daniel Caputo, N.D., L.AC

Naturopath and Acupuncturist

David Molletti, BS, NCACI, CFTP

Operations Coordinator and Family Therapist

Derek Nakamura LMT

Massage Therapist

Elfriede Nordlohne LMT

Massage Therapist

Loli Jane Heimberg, MS, RD, LD


Alyssa Kratz

Yoga Therapist & Intake Specialist

Medical Team

Stephen H. Denzer, M.D., FACP

Medical Director, Board Certified in Addiction and Internal Medicine

Kelly A. Lippert, RN.

Registered Nurse

Resident Managers

Heather Bailey

Residential Manager

Jemimah Kayihura

Case Manager

Koa Collins

Residential Manager

Michael Park

Lead Residential Manager

Toby Broido

Residential Manager

Tyler Alcos

Residential Manager

Wesley Tabor

Residential Manager


Sophie Higgins

Quality Assurance Specialist

Nicole Yempuku

Patient Care Coordinator

Kirk Henry

CrossFit Coach

Jan Seifert

Marketing Director

Craig Hawkins

Boat Captain


First and foremost, directors need to ensure their programs and facility are compliant to the standards and regulations put forth by CARF, The Joint Commission, Legit Scipt and other organizations. 

Additionally, the director provides clinical supervision of treatment services professionals. Importantly, directors are on the front lines in providing community education and advocacy.

Admission Teams

In many ways, the admission team at Hawaii Island Recovery is the “face” of the facility. Our admissions staff is the first people that are seen when someone calls for services or comes through our doors to start treatment. Our experienced admission teams take the time to understand each patient’s unique needs and works with them to find the programs and services that will be of the greatest benefit.

This is accomplishment by the admissions team through details phone and in-person intakes or even meeting with prospective patients. The admissions team also performs risk assessments and processes insurance information. Above all else, the admissions team acts as a bridge between the patient and their families providing compassion and respect.


Therapy is the foundation of any successful drug treatment program. At Hawaii Island Recovery, we feature experienced and compassionate therapists who specialize in a broad range of therapies that can be individualized to each client’s needs. To meet the broad and diverse needs of our clients, the experienced therapists of Hawaii Island Recovery offer a wide range of therapies.

Some of the therapies we offer include individual and group therapy, CBT, EMDR and Dual Diagnosis therapy for those also suffering from underlying mental health issues. We also offer neurofeedback and holistic therapies including yoga, reiki and acupuncture. Additionally, we offer effective the unique animal-based therapy such as dolphin therapy. No matter the therapy, our experienced team utilize therapy modalities that are effective, backed by research and proven to work.

Medical Department

The medical department at Hawaii Island Recovery plays a crucial role in a patient’s recovery. They provide medical management that helps each patient safely negotiate the discomfort and pain of withdrawals by medically supervised detox. The medical department also assists in creating the treatment plans that help each client get and stay in recovery for the long-term. Hawaii Island Recovery is blessed to have Dr. Steven H. Denzer as the head of the Medical Department.

With 25 years of experience, Dr. Denzer provides chemical dependency consultations and assists in the creation of customized treatment plans. Dr. Denzer is Board Certified in both Addiction Medicine as well as Internal Medicine. As patients are ready to discharge, Dr. Denzer helps therapists and others on the team to create discharge plans that gives each client the tools and support they need in sustaining their hard-earned recovery.

Residential Managers

The residential managers at Hawaii Island Recovery ensure that the needs of each client are being met with both compassion and respect. These valuable team members are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when residents need them. They also take clients to meetings and recreational activities. Most importantly, our residential managers are also in recovery and can be a source of inspiration and support for those new in recovery.


Hawaii Island Recovery also features staff that provides specialized services that help Hawaii Island Recovery remain a pre-eminent drug treatment facility.  We are fortunate to have Jan Seifert that provides essential marketing services that highlight the great programs and services that Hawaii Island Recovery has to offer. We also have chef Danielle Slattery that provides healthy, balanced in nutritious meals for our patients.

We also are fortunate to have Craig Hawkins to provide our clients ocean activities that sets Hawaii Island Recovery apart from the rest. Additionally, Sophie Higgins provides Quality Assurance services to ensure Hawaii Island Recovery ensures that our programs and procedures meet the highest of standards. 

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