Alcohol Rehab in Hawaii

Hawaii Island Recovery is one of the best alcohol rehab in Hawaii. HIR offers personalized care in a beautiful island setting.

You might be surprised to realize that you have a drinking problem. If so, you’re not alone. Drinking alcohol is such an accepted part of our culture that it can sometimes be hard to find an occasion or event that doesn’t involve it. Weddings, New Year’s Eve, birthdays, work celebrations, and the club scene are all familiar places to find adults drinking. When it goes from moderate drinking to abuse, however, things can quickly spiral downward. You may need an alcohol rehab in Hawaii to get you back on track.

Finding the best rehab in Hawaii is just a phone call away. Hawaii Island Recovery Center treats alcohol addiction in a safe, tranquil, non-judgemental, inpatient setting on the Big Island. Our professional staff is here to help you. 

The Need for Rehab in Hawaii

How do you know if you need rehab for alcohol use? It can be hard to know for sure, as many people who struggle with alcohol abuse have trouble recognizing the problem. They may justify heavy drinking because the people around them are also heavy drinkers. Perhaps they’ve never been arrested for a DUI, or had other negative consequences to their drinking, so they rationalize their behavior as not so bad.

Someone who doesn’t drink all the time might not believe she has a problem. After all, alcoholics drink every day, right? Not necessarily. Getting the facts about alcohol abuse is key to finding out whether or not you’re harmlessly drinking or you’re at risk for dependency and alcoholism.

Consider the following, typical scenarios:

One individual may only drink on occasion, but when they do, they binge drink and end up extremely drunk, sometimes passing out. If they’re conscious, they get behind the wheel and drive home.

Another person tells themselves that they won’t have more than two drinks at a party—once they start drinking, however, they keep going and don’t stop until they are falling-down drunk.

What do these people have in common? They both have a drinking problem. Each person’s issue is different, but they’re each abusing alcohol. Without treatment, they’re all at risk of becoming entirely dependent.

If this sounds like you or a loved one, an alcohol rehab in Hawaii could be the answer.

How Alcohol Rehab in Hawaii Can Help You?

There are drug and alcohol rehabs all over, and each has its own philosophies and treatment models. One of the most important components to look for in a quality rehab facility is an individual focus on each client. We call this “person-centered care”. You have your own personal set of issues, triggers, and stresses. Trained professionals at your treatment center should take a personalized approach to you and your concerns to ensure you receive the most appropriate and effective care. That’s what we do here. 

Addiction recovery at hawaii island recovery
Fernando Manon | Individual Treatment Session

An alcohol rehab in Hawaii is not only a good option for people who live in Hawaii, but it’s an ideal location for anyone who wants to begin their recovery journey in a tranquil, peaceful setting. Searching for an “alcohol rehab near me” may be convenient, but sometimes real work can only be done after you’ve removed yourself from your current situation. The idyllic, beautiful setting of a Hawaiian rehab center is a constant reminder of how beautiful life can be when you take the important step toward healing. 

A good Hawaii rehab will also offer a number of different addiction treatment services to help you conquer your addiction.

The Recovery in Hawaii You Have been Looking For?

Hawaii Island Recovery is a drug and alcohol rehab in Hawaii that can start you on the road to wellness. We’re located in Kailua-Kona, and our discrete setting ensures your privacy. Our island-style residence offers spectacular coastal views and is surrounded by lush, tropical landscaping. We strive to provide the comforts of home in a supportive environment that will foster lasting recovery. 

Our treatment facility offers a range of high-quality programs, such as:

  • Medically supervised detox – You will detox safely and comfortably under the care of a board-certified addiction physician.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – Our therapists are fully trained and have years of experience using CBT to treat alcohol addiction. 
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) – This newer treatment modality has shown to be incredibly effective at treating underlying trauma. 
  • Individual counseling – You’ll benefit from having one on one conversations with a counselor who cares and wants you to succeed in recovery. 
  • Group counseling – You aren’t alone here at Hawaii Island Recovery. Others are here too with similar struggles. You can learn a lot from them. 
  • Aftercare – We work with you after you’ve completed our Hawaii rehab to ensure that you stay on the path to recovery. 

Hawaii Island Recovery provides addiction therapy that focuses on the whole person, and it takes a holistic approach to that end.

Rehab in Hawaii is Special

There are things that we can offer as a rehab center in Hawaii that you can’t get anywhere else. Aside from the gorgeous surroundings, the sounds of the ocean, and the tropical air, we offer experiential cultural programming to our clients. 

8-bed Residence at Hawaii Island Recovery

These experiences are designed to cultivate awareness and inspire feelings of connection, purpose, and wonder in order to reprogram the mind away from negative thoughts. Some examples of these immersive experiences are: 

  • Rainforest Hikes
  • Ocean Based Therapy (interacting with dolphins, rays, and fish)
  • Learning about Hawaiian culture 
  • Planting indigenous Trees

Get Help Today!

The time to begin your recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is now. Our admissions specialists are waiting to talk with you and get you started on your personal journey to recovery from alcohol use.