Substance Abuse Treatment

Treatment is the first step toward quitting substances. If you’re wondering, “How can I find substance abuse treatment near me?” you’re in the right place.

Substance abuse is a monumental problem in the United States. More and more people around the country use drugs every day. Abusing substances long enough eventually leads to addiction. Thankfully, people can get substance abuse treatment to prevent drug abuse from taking over their lives.

Substance Abuse Definition

Substance abuse, or substance use disorder, is a chronic, progressive condition characterized by compulsive substance use. People with substance use disorders continue using drugs despite any harmful consequences that occur. They fixate on (or “crave”) their substances of choice when not using them.

Substance use disorders cause severe disruption to a person’s ability to function in daily life and carry out their responsibilities. They keep using drugs even when they know that it will cause problems. Eventually, people lose all control over their substance use.

People with substance abuse problems exhibit abnormal thinking and behaviors. They expend much of their energy on getting drugs, using drugs, or recovering from the effects of drugs. Over time their use alters the way their brain functions and can cause both short- and long-term effects.

Some people with substance use disorder are aware of how severe their problem is. Others are in denial about the progression of their use. No matter how much they’re using or how severe their consequences are, though, they won’t be able to stop until they decide they’re ready to. No one can successfully force someone to stop using drugs.

Substance Abuse Signs

Before someone can seek substance abuse treatment, they have to acknowledge they have a problem. Believe it or not, most people seek help on their own once they acknowledge the issue. Some signs that people need substance abuse treatment include:

  • Aggressiveness or irritability
  • Giving up favorite activities
  • Stealing money or valuables
  • Staying in a state of depression or having suicidal thoughts
  • Drinking or doing drugs on a regular basis
  • Putting themselves in dangerous situations
  • Having unprotected sex

Substance Abuse Counselor in Hawaii

People dealing with substance use disorder need to see the help of a substance abuse counselor in Hawaii. Hawaii is filled with many professionals qualified to help those struggling with their alcohol or drug use. These counselors exist to guide clients through the process of separating from substances and learning to live sober.

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Some choose to attend substance abuse counseling on their own. More often than not, though, people receive help for their substance use disorder through the help of addiction treatment. Substance abuse treatment facilities provide the intensive, in-depth care that individuals who can’t stop using drugs need. 

Substance abuse counselors in Hawaii are an important part in the recovery of thousands of people. They equip newly sober individuals with the tools and skills they need to navigate life without turning back to drugs.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Hawaii

Despite the fact that drug abuse is not characterized as a mental disorder, it still requires professional help to overcome it. With drug abuse, it’s not that people can’t stop. It’s that they don’t want to stop. Then, with addiction, even when drugs destroy their lives, they continue to use.

Alcohol Rehab in Hawaii
Hawaii Island Recovery

When substance abuse turns into drug dependency and addiction, stopping on your own causes withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes the symptoms are painful and make them relapse. Hawaii Island Recovery has that covered with their on-site detox and continuing substance abuse treatment.

Substance Abuse Treatment Near Me

Are you asking, “How can I find substance abuse treatment near me?” There are many different facilities available to work with individuals trying to stop using substances. Substance abuse treatment is the first step toward overcoming your addiction and taking your life back. But trying to find the right treatment facility can be an overwhelming thing to handle.

How do you know whether you’re going to find a facility that’s right for you? Reaching out for help is a great place to start. You don’t need to handle the process on your own; there are people available to help you from the moment you decide to reach out.

Let Hawaii Island Recovery Help You Overcome Substance Abuse

Whether you need addiction or substance abuse treatment, Hawaii Island Recovery has you covered. Our expert staff members are here to help you stop drug abuse and provide the help you deserve. We take great pride in the programs that we offer, which include:

At Hawaii Island Recovery, we believe in using holistic methods along with evidence-based therapies. It’s just as important to healing the mind and soul as it is to heal the body. We offer yoga, acupuncture, and massage to reduce stress and make your stay with us more enjoyable. Addiction recovery is just a step away.

Our team also provides nutritional counseling during your stay. Eating healthy is an important part of recovery here. Our menu features traditional Hawaiian dishes that we make with local ingredients.

Fight to take your life back from substance abuse. Don’t attempt to win this fight alone. Let us support you.

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