I couldn’t have asked for a better experience in treatment!

My time at Hawaii Islands Recovery was truly amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience in treatment. I worked with all 4 therapists in individual therapy and I would be happy with any of them to be my therapist in the future. The EMDR was a crucial part of my recovery and was crazy how it worked. I processed traumas in my past that I never thought I would get over. They are not out of my memory but they are no longer a bad memory. There were 3 or 4 different group therapies that all the clients partook in together with the different therapists. Very educational with understanding addiction and how it affects our brain, body, emotions, and relationships with family, friends, and work. I loved them all but my favorite was Wednesday with Z … just don’t be late to it. We would all share what did we sell our serenity to and the way she made it relate to all of us and herself never ceased to amaze me. Not only did they help me process my traumas and my past they also made sure I was ready for the future and going out into the real world.

Amazing Staff

I will forever be grateful to Eliza, Fernando, Z, and Nance. I have to rewind to even before I showed up to HIR. The understanding and compassion started when I first called and Nick was on the other side of the phone. I was coming off opiates and he was so understanding and wanted to make sure I was good. Very patient with me as my brain was all over the place. Next, he referred me to Jimmy who I connected with right away, we had our love of dogs in common. He also was very understanding with what I was going through and was very patient with me in getting all my insurance and personal information that they needed to get me admitted. 

I felt like they were already a really good friend of mine!

As it turned out HIR didn’t have an open bed for me immediately (I ended up waiting a week) but he was willing to get me into someplace else right away if I didn’t want to wait for an opening. I didn’t want to leave Hawaii so I waited. During the next 4 or 5 days while waiting for an opening he made sure to contact at least once if not 2 or 3 times a day. If I called him he always took the time to talk, make sure I was doing alright, and prepare me for my upcoming stay. By the time he picked me up at the airport, I felt like he was already a really good friend of mine. The RM’s (resident managers) at the house were just as amazing as everyone I’ve already mentioned. What surprised me is they were all in recovery themselves which was so helpful because they really understood what I was going through and could relate. Being in Hawaii Island Recovery for a little over two months I really spent a lot of time with them and really love each and every one of them. Paul was with us during the day and was so helpful in facilitating not only mine but all the clients, doctor, dentist, and various other appointments and errands. While at the same time taking us to and from AA meetings, to the office for therapy, the gym amongst other things. During the week Bria was there in the afternoons doing the same running us to meetings, gym, beach time, yoga, etc. But for me she did so much more; she was my favorite and it was hard to pick out a favorite. She could read me very well and knew when something was bothering me and really helped me through the craziness of being in rehab. 

They all do their jobs with so much passion and love!

Her compassion and understanding is top notch. Her understanding and willingness to share about recovery and the AA and NA programs was amazing. She is just an amazing human. I will cherish the time I got to spend with her. I love her sense of humor. We laughed so much together which is something that is very important to me. The other shifts were covered by 4 other amazing souls who are all in recovery also. Danielle, Toby, Kevin and Bria who all took us to meetings, to the beach, snorkeling, gym, and other places. I was surprised at how much time we spent laughing and enjoying each other. It was much needed as I was processing a lot of traumas and going through a lot of different emotions. Each one will always hold a special place in my heart. Then there is Dani, the Alabama football team loving chef. Huge heart and another beautiful soul and the best mama food maker I have met. I ate things that I hated in the past and absolutely loved them. She puts her heart and soul into every meal and made everybody as comfortable as she possibly could. Homemade ranch sauce was ridiculously good. She just goes way out of her way to do so many little things for anybody who sets foot through those doors. Last but not least is Kristy. As busy as she is, whenever I or anybody knocks on her door she welcomes you with a warm smile. She made sure my work and parents knew exactly what was going on. Helped me with my resume, insurance, gave me job leads and so much more.  Yes, all of this may be their jobs but they do it with so much passion and love I felt as if they are my friends.  I would recommend Hawaii Island Recovery to anyone suffering from addiction and/or alcoholism. I am leaving fully involved in the 12 step programs and have a new outlook on life and my recovery.

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