In today’s high-octane business environment, you need to be quick and nimble to be successful. Unfortunately, that might not be possible if you or someone you know has an addiction. It is so important to recognize the signs if your addiction is holding back your career.

Maybe you’re the one who has an alcohol addiction. Maybe the girl who sits next to you is high on prescription medications. The guy in the next department may be doing lines of coke in the restroom.

How is Addiction Holding Back Your Career

There is no place for drugs in the workplace. Addiction hurts your employer, your co-workers, your family, and it hurts you.  

How is addiction holding back your career

Your addiction lowers your productivity. You can’t do as much at the same time as others because your addiction is holding you back.

The impact of a drug, alcohol or behavior addiction affects everything you do. You aren’t at your best, and your boss may overlook you for a promotion because you have a hidden addiction.

Drugs in the Workplace Cause Fatal Accidents

All it takes is one stoned co-worker backing up the forklift, and you’ve got a broken leg (or worse).

You’re also less likely to remember the basic safety rules on the job when you’re stoned or buzzed. Furthermore, if you operate heavy equipment, you could lose a finger or two because you aren’t fully focused on your job.

Drugs and alcohol in the workplace are dangerous in the management suite as well. The famous “three-martini lunch” is guaranteed to make you sleepy, even tipsy. One thing’s for sure:
you won’t be performing at peak levels after three martinis.

Substance abuse causes accidents at work, but that’s just the beginning. The problems caused by abusing substances at work could be a lot more serious. So how do you know if your addiction is holding you back? Here are some signs that’ll provide the much-needed answers.

If You’re Late for Work a Lot, Addiction is Holding Back Your Career

You’ve partied all night, and now you have to drag your sorry self to work. You come to work late, and people notice. Being late every once in a while is unavoidable. However, being late every other day because of last night’s activities could cause you to lose your job quickly.

You’re Absent from Work More Than Co-workers

Regular bouts of Monday Morning Flu are a sure indicator that your addiction is holding you back at work.

It doesn’t take a lot of absences to identify that you need help fast. You’re about to lose another job – and the rent is due.

Your Addiction Will Cause Job Hopping

You ace the interview and you start your new job.  You are excited about a new opportunity, except that you can’t give it your best. You’re hungover, and tackling a BIG project at work is the last thing you want. Once again, management notices your lack of effort.

You Can’t Keep Up With Co-workers Doing the Same Job

The people who have the same job as you form the barometer that measures your performance.

If your clean and sober friend produces twice what you do, who’s going to keep the job when cutbacks kick in?
Not you; you have an addiction.

Addiction is Holding Back Your Career if You’ve Been Hurt on the Job

Many individuals who struggle with substance abuse experience workplace accidents, costing businesses a lot of money. If you’re an accident waiting to happen because you’re buzzed at work, you will not keep that job very long.

You Have Difficulty Remembering Instructions

Difficulty with remembering directions is a sure sign that your substance abuse is affecting your workplace performance.

Whether you’ve just noticed that addiction is holding back your career, or you’ve been hiding that secret for a long time, get help now.

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If addiction is holding back your career, It’s time to work smarter without the use of intoxicants. That’s how you reach success at work.

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