Facing Personal Challenges

Swim 2.4 miles in choppy water, ride a bicycle 112 miles across island terrain, then top that off with the traditional marathon run of 26.2 miles – all in the same day. Impossible?

Each year the best of the best runners, swimmers, cyclists and top-tier athletes enter Hawaii’s iconic Ironman Triathlon, a three-stage race combining swimming, cycling and running through Hawaii’s diverse landscapes.

Self-discipline: Taking Up the Challenge

These men and women challenge themselves every day. They run in the pouring rain, in the sweltering heat, and they run in blizzards during training. They’re driven to improve – to be their best.

They swim for miles in frigid water with chop and currents to test themselves against the forces of nature.

They cycle hundreds of miles a week to build up endurance to meet the challenge of Hawaii’s Ironman Triathlon, and to test themselves against the very limits of human conditioning.

Entrants train year-round to prepare themselves for the rigors of Hawaii’s Ironman competition.

These men and women are driven. Some compete to prove something to themselves. Some compete in the name of a loved one. Some run for a cause, while many compete to celebrate freedom from addiction. Winning the race to reach sobriety drives top triathletes to compete and win again.

In fact, many triathletes train to focus on success and to build self-confidence. Many of these men and women couldn’t walk a mile when they started their journey to Kailua-Kona to test themselves to the max.

They took small steps at first, and over time developed the fitness and drive to motivate themselves to compete on Hawaii’s world stage – an event watched by millions around the world.

It’s never too early to plan to see or even enter the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. In 2016, this test of strength, endurance and determination will take place next October 8, and you can be there.

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Winning: One Step at a Time

Hawaii’s Ironman World Championship has drawn spectators and participants for over 35 years, inspiring all of us, and giving hope to those who need it.

“If they can do it, so can I!”
Each participant has a unique story, each has a unique history of experiences good and bad, just like the rest of us. However, as diverse as the motivations to push themselves beyond the bounds of human endurance, each entrant wins one step at a time. One swim stroke at a time. One turn of the wheels at a time.

Facing Down Personal Challenges

Life is filled with challenges. Addiction is one of them for many who would train relentlessly to compete and better themselves if they could.

Some of those triathletes swimming, cycling and running through the Kona countryside once experienced addictions to substances and behaviors. Alcoholics. Drug abusers. Gamblers. Addictions impacted the lives of some of today’s Ironman triathletes who chose to live life better.

They took small steps to overcome their addictive behaviors. They entered recovery to safely withdraw from harmful substances. They were driven, like other Ironman Triathletes, to prove they could meet and beat any challenge put before them.

IRONMAN World Championship Quick Facts

Where: Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii

When: October 8, 2016

Entry Fees: $340 USD before 11/2/2015; $380 after 11/3/2015

Entrants: at least 18 years of age; member of *USAT; compete in
official Ironman qualifying race

Accommodations: Fairmont Orchard with shuttle service

Registration: www.ironman.com

Categories: professional, age group, physically challenged

*Entrants must be members of USA Triathlon; one-day memberships available at the registration table for $12.00

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Is Addiction Your Challenge?

You know when it is. When addictive behaviors and substance abuse have a negative impact on your life and the lives of those you love, it’s time to face the challenge of addiction.

Hawaii Island Recovery provides the coping skills to drive you to improve life for yourself. With a customized plan combing traditional and innovative new therapies, HIR prepares you to meet the challenges in life, to make life better, more exciting, satisfying and fulfilling.

You can enter the race – the human race. You can discover the motivation to live an addiction-free life in which you’re in complete control. Once you cross the finish line to sobriety, you can start training for Hawaii’s Ironman Competition. Come on, let’s run a few miles.

Call Hawaii Island Recovery to speak with one of our knowledgeable recovery specialists and finally recognize that there is no challenge too great for you to meet. (866) 491-8009