It can be difficult for many veterans to find truly effective, veteran-specific care, especially as veterans from any branch of the military may need to address a wide array of personal challenges. Trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, addiction, and more are all common challenges among the veteran community. Finding a holistic and effective space to overcome these challenges is paramount for a fulfilling civilian life. Hawaii Island Recovery embraces the advantages of the Big Island of Hawaii and Hawaii’s role as a natural and cultural resource to create the most effective veteran healing programs. 

Exploring the Needs of Veterans

Veterans are often expected to be pinnacles of strength among their communities – undaunting bastions of protection able to overcome any obstacle. However, this romanticized image of veterans can often have negative effects, with many veterans feeling the need to maintain this visage by pushing down their own needs for healing or professional treatment. 

Acknowledging veteran needs and the importance of professional healing programs is necessary to embrace Hawaii’s role in healing. Some of the challenges that veterans face include:

  • Anxiety or panic following traumatic experiences or life-threatening situations in the line of duty
  • On-base traumas, including military sexual trauma (MST)
  • Depression
  • Guilt, especially survivor’s guilt
  • Pervasive flashbacks to traumatic events
  • Addiction, stemming from destructive on-base drinking cultures or exposure to prescription painkillers
  • Feelings of isolation throughout their transition to civilian life
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Compromised spiritual beliefs
  • Flashbacks
  • Physical injuries or persistent chronic aches and pains

Each of these challenges can be exceptionally difficult to overcome, especially when feeling isolated from loved ones and peers. Many veterans may also experience a combination of needs and goals throughout their healing journey. Committing to a professional treatment program and having educated, comprehensive care is paramount to addressing each of these challenges while exploring how they may continue to inform each other. Moreover, at Hawaii Island Recovery we utilize Hawaii’s role in developing new coping strategies and introducing new lifestyles and perspectives.

Identifying Addiction in Recently Discharged Veterans
Identifying Addiction in Recently Discharged Veterans

Identifying addiction and its effects on veteran life is the first step toward taking action. We at Hawaii Island Recovery are committed to helping recently discharged veterans adjust to changing lifestyles, cultures, and more while overcoming the effects of trauma, substance use, and more in daily life. To learn how our Hawaii rehabilitation programs can create a comprehensive approach to sobriety and healing for you or your veteran loved one, call (866) 390-5070.

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Hawaii’s Role in Healing

Healing involves addressing a combination of stresses and challenges by gaining various new skills to create a healthy and fulfilling daily life. However, making such a large number of changes can be difficult. Using not just the professionals and veteran community of Hawaii Island Recovery but also the natural advantages of Hawaii itself can ensure that each person can embrace a truly transformed mindset in personal, emotional, and spiritual healing. 

Holistic Health Services at HIR

Utilizing Nature

Getting into nature can be instrumental in letting go of stresses that may otherwise invade and stay in a person’s mind. Feeling the natural breeze blow or soft sand underfoot can be a great way to feel less physically and mentally confined or stagnant. Hawaii is home to not just many hiking trails and natural wonders to empower veterans to explore nature but also dedicated nature-based and oceanic therapies readily available to navigate and overcome stress. 

Nature-based therapeutic practices are also available, with a combination of nature and oceanic guides being integrated into Hawaii Island Recovery’s dedicated healing programs. Some of these may include:

  • Hiking or walking trails
  • Outdoor yoga and meditation sessions
  • Community and trust-building exercises
  • Animal-based therapies, from watching Hawaii’s natural wildlife to interacting with dedicated therapy animals
  • Wading in natural waters or surf therapy

Each veteran is empowered to explore Hawaii’s role in nature and its ability to incorporate natural advantages and energies in their own recovery for stress relief, physical healing, and exploring new spiritual experiences. 

Embracing an Integrated Community

Hawaii is home to not just a unique culture but several accepting communities that veterans are encouraged to explore. By engaging in Hawaiian cultural activities, veterans can challenge feelings of isolation and create a community where they feel like they are not just understood but truly belong. From the dedicated veteran community curated at Hawaii Island Recovery and the cultural communities that make up Hawaii as a whole, veterans can tend to social needs as much as other recovery needs and goals. 

Setting Goals for the New Year as a Veteran

Combining veterans’ recovery efforts with culturally competent individuals and communities, Hawaii can produce unique recovery advantages throughout each step of the recovery journey.

Hawaii’s Role as a Spiritual Guide

Spirituality is an important aspect of healing for many veterans. Damage to each veteran’s spiritual beliefs is common following traumatic experiences, especially when combined with survivor’s guilt, moral injury, and other challenges stemming from their time in service.

Hawaii is home to not just natural advantages but a unique spiritual signature that can empower effective spiritual healing. By feeling connected to the natural energies of the Hawaiian islands, veterans can explore what spirituality means to them, all while connecting with others and forming newfound perspectives on healing as a veteran. 

Seeking Alumni Programs in Hawaii
Seeking Alumni Programs in Hawaii

There are many positive alumni programs available to participate in around all of Hawaii. For more information, call Hawaii Island Recovery at (866) 390-5070.

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Taking Back Control

Hawaii’s role in healing is incredibly profound, with the big island of Hawaii providing a plethora of new and unique opportunities for veterans to explore in the way they best see fit. Making new experiences possible is part of an effective treatment plan. Hawaii Island Recovery’s focus on self-empowerment and community is further highlighted by the natural and cultural advantages that Hawaii offers, making our Hawaii substance abuse treatment centers a unique place to not only challenge self-destructive beliefs and practices but also explore what true sobriety and healing means to each veteran for a sustainable and transformed life. 

How to Start Finding and Making Sober Friends in Recovery

Hawaii is a unique place, filled with its own culture and spirit that cannot be emulated anywhere else. At Hawaii Island Recovery, we utilize these natural and spiritual advantages to create a truly unique approach to veteran healing, recovery, and sobriety. We blend proven and practiced addiction recovery strategies and trauma-informed treatment with cultural opportunities, natural and oceanic healing programs, and a variety of experiential therapies to create a unique experience as you challenge and overcome the effects of trauma, mental health disorders, and addiction in your life. For more information on our Hawaii substance abuse treatment centers, or to speak to a caring, trained staff member today, call us at (866) 390-5070.