Looking for a little family fun – something for you and the kids to enjoy?

King Kamehameha
Celebration Parade
June 11, 2016
Come join the fun!

How about a free parade and concert in one of the most beautiful places on Earth – the historic Kailua Village on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Set your sights on some good-time summer fun the whole family will enjoy. The King Kamehameha Celebration Parade and free concert begin on June 11, 2016 so you still have plenty of time to book your reservations and enjoy the celebration of King Kamehameha I who was the
native King who united the islands of Hawaii and established a capital in
the Kailua-Kona region of western Hawaii.
This year’s parade has a theme – Ho’ohiwahiwa No Kamehameha, which means “Honoring Kamehameha” – a
wise man who united the tribes of Hawaii and brought peace to the islands.
The festivities kick off at 9:00 AM near the Royal Kona Resort. The colorful parade, festooned in beautiful island flowers, moves down Ali’i Drive, past the pier at Kamakahonu, up Palani Road to the Kukini Highway.

The King Kamehameha Parade

Parade participants wear the colorful garb of the early inhabitants of the island, adorned with the beautiful flowers that make Hawaii a tourist destination for travelers around the world.
This year, the King Kamehameha Parade includes a floral parade that shows
off the beauty of Hawaii’s natural gardens. You’ll also see marching bands, equestrian troops, horse drawn carriages, authentic costumes, and much more. But the fun doesn’t stop there.
The Ho’olaule’a music and arts festival at Hulihe’e Palace, features popular Hawaiian recording artists and musicians who bring the festival to life.
Be sure to save some time to visit the historic Hawaiian landmarks found in the Kailua Village. You’ll also want to visit the many shops and restaurants that line the streets of the Kailua-Kona region of Western
Hawaii Island.
It’s a trip you and the family will remember for a lifetime.

There’s Always Something to Do in Hawaii

Whether you’re an intrepid adventurer climbing the lava rock of one of the state’s awe-inspiring volcanoes, or riding your surfboard along the white, sandy beaches of Hawaii, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this tropical paradise – from the relaxing beaches to swimming with the wild dolphins in their native habitat, you won’t want to miss a minute of the fun Hawaii delivers to millions of people every year.

It’s Not Just About the Fun This Time

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