Try out some of these tips to help you stay sober during these last few weeks of summer!

Summertime is easily one of the most challenging times to avoid alcohol. Whether you are at a backyard barbecue, a family gathering, a beach party, or even out to dinner with friends, it seems like alcohol is everywhere. It works as a social lubricant for those who can drink responsibly and provides an activity to conversate over. For an alcoholic, though, the reality looks entirely different.

No matter if this is your first summer or fortieth time spending summer sober it still proves challenging. When you’re out at one of these events a drink may look inviting. But when you avoid alcohol, the long-term reward outweighs any short-term moment of relief every time.

You’ve almost made it to the end of summer! Head into the last few weeks of the season with a plan to continue your commitment to your sobriety. The urge to drink strikes randomly but most often comes when you have lots of free time. Continue reading to learn the top 10 tips to avoid alcohol this summer and head into the fall with a clear head!

1. Spend time with sober friends.

Hanging out with sober friends is the easiest way to avoid alcohol this summer. When your friends don’t drink either the pressure to drink is nonexistent. There won’t be any bottles or cans to distract you while you spend time together. You and your other sober friends can also encourage one another to stay the course during challenging times.

Spend time with sober friends

2. Get some exercise.

One of the best ways to avoid alcohol is through exercise. The more intense the exercise, the more endorphins your body releases. Getting exercise doesn’t just mean going to the gym, though. You can go for a walk, take a run, ride a bike, lift weights, play a sport, or any other number of things. If it gets you active and moving it
can keep you from picking up a drink.

3. Pick up a new hobby.

Sobriety opens up an entirely new world of possibilities to you. Things you may never have dreamed of doing suddenly become achievable. Is there something you always wanted to try out but never believed you could actually do it? Maybe you always wanted to learn how to skate or surf. Perhaps you’ve considered starting a blog. Try a few new things and see what you like to do!

4. Rediscover an old hobby.

It’s easy for hobbies and activities you used to love to fall by the wayside when you start drinking. You can avoid alcohol by pushing back against that and picking up one or two of your old hobbies. Think for a little bit about the things that used to bring you joy and pick a couple to try out again until you settle on one you enjoy.

5. Join an intramural sports team.

Playing sports helps you get exercise but also provides a sense of community. If you can find a group of sober friends to join with you it will make it even easier to avoid alcohol. See if there is a local soccer or softball league for you to join. Your local community center should have information about any leagues looking for new players.


6. Organize a game night.

Gather some friends or family for a game night at someone’s house. Board games bring people together and are good for a night of free laughs and entertainment. Everyone can bring a different snack and when everyone stays sober for the night, it’s easy to avoid alcohol.

7. Volunteer for a cause you’re passionate about.

Volunteer work can both get you out of your head and help you avoid alcohol. Dozens of organizations around you are in need of volunteers. Do some research to find out which causes around you are looking for help and pick one that means something to you.

8. Cook dinner with a friend.

Invite a friend over to cook a meal together. Work together to create something neither of you ever tried before or each of you can bring the ingredients for your favorite dish! This keeps you away from the boozy nightlife common during the summer and provides an opportunity to learn more about the person.

Cook dinner with a friend'

9. Visit the animal shelter.

Playing with animals is an incredibly therapeutic activity. See if your local animal shelter allows visitors or even volunteers. If you love spending time with animals, this can be a great way to avoid alcohol and also help out homeless animals. Just be careful not to adopt them all!

10. Go to a meeting.

12-step programs offer a great way to avoid alcohol for free. Although you may not feel like meetings are for you, they’re a guaranteed way to find other people who aren’t drinking. Many people go out for coffee or dinner after the meeting and would love to have you join them. Remember, they’re struggling with the same problem as you. Summer is a difficult time for everyone with an alcohol problem. If you stick close together, you can make it through together.

Is it Difficult for You to Avoid Alcohol?

If you’ve tried everything on this list and still find that you can’t avoid alcohol, seeking drug and alcohol treatment might help. Treatment helps you separate from alcohol and drugs then helps you learn to live life without them.

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