Explore various sites and take a glimpse into the most exciting activities that await you as you visit the oldest island of the Big Islands.

Visit Kauai

If you’re looking for a place which looks like a garden, pack your bags and go to Kauai. It is known as the Garden Isle of Hawaii because of beautiful flowers and abundant greeneries. It is also an ideal place to relax with its long beaches and a relaxing atmosphere.

Here are the must-see places in Kauai:

Waimea Canyon

It is 16 kilometers long and 900 meters deep. It is popular as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Tourists are amazed at the soil’s red color and it geologic history. Yes, it is indeed a beautiful disaster, because Waimea Canyon was formed by a volcanic eruption and soil coercion.

Diverse terrain

If you want to see Kauai at its best, take a helicopter ride and fill your eyes with the site of canyons, rain forests, and beaches. You will also see valleys, rain forests with lush foliage that can take your breath away.

Limahuli Garden and Preserve

Limahuli is located in Kauai’s beautiful tropical valley. It is a
haven for plant lovers because it serves as home to different plants species such as-

• kukui
• banana
• breadfruit
• alula
• paper mulberry
• turmeric
• vegetable fern
• ginger,
• plumeria,
• loʻulu
• sugarcane
• taro
• iliau
• taro terraces
• other Polynesian and native plants

Kipu Ranch

If you want a ride on the muddy, rocky, and hilly training hill inside a ranch then Kipu Ranch should be your next stop. This 3,000-acre cattle ranch was used to breed horses and cattle. Now, it’s one of the favorite movie locations in Hollywood for movies such as The Lost World and The Descendants.

North Shore

If you want total relaxation or fun adventures, hit the local beaches located at Kauai’s North Shore, like-

• Kepuhi Beach
• Lumaha’i Beach
• Tunnels Beach
• Wainiha Beach

The fun doesn’t start or end in swimming. There are many activities you can do there like creating Bonfire party with family and friends, looking for dolphins, or having a picnic with a delicious platter of fruits and seafoods you can buy from the locales. You can go hiking at the nearby trails, or go shopping at the local stores. You can also visit other
amazing spots like-

• Hanalei Valley Overlook
• Na ‘Aina Kai Botanical Garden
• Mt. Makana.
• Ha’ena State Park
• Kalalau Trail

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