There is anything but a short supply of exciting activities in Kona for you to try out. This town along the west coast of the Big Island is well-known for its exceptional offerings. If you enjoy outdoor activities, Kona is the place to be. The bustling town also offers amazing food and drink options to fill you up after a long day outside.

Do you have a trip to Hawaii planned out and coming up soon? Or are you simply looking for something new to try out in the area? Check out this list of our top 10 favorite activities in Kona and see if there’s something you might like!

Top 10 Activities in Kona

No matter what you enjoy doing there are plenty of activities in Kona to keep you occupied. There are activities for every interest and age and fitness level. From the time the sun rises until long after it sets, Kona has enough to keep you covered.

1. Visit Manini’owali Beach

You can’t come to Hawaii without visiting the beach but Manini’owali Beach isn’t just any trip to the shore. When you think of the pristine white beaches you see on all the postcards from Hawaii, Manini’owali Beach fits the image perfectly. Manini’owali gets some big swells for surfers during the winters but the waters are also perfect for snorkeling when calm.

Manini'owali Beach

2. Watch the sunrise from the top of Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea is the world’s tallest volcano, dormant but towering 33,000 feet at its highest point. Making your way to the summit of the volcano offers one of the most breathtaking and rewarding sights on the Big Island. Even though the sun sets along the west coast, the same side as the town, watching the sunrise from Mauna Kea is still one of the most amazing activities in Kona.

sunrise in Mauna Kea

3. Watch the sunset sitting on the shore of your favorite beach

The sun sets beautifully over the ocean waters along the coast and creates picture-perfect sunset views. Pick your favorite beach once you’ve visited a few and bring a blanket to sit on the sand for a perfect view of the sun as it sinks below the horizon. Pack a picnic dinner to enjoy a picturesque dinner with a view, without the high-dollar dinner price.

Sunset in Hawaii

4. Visit a seahorse farm

Did you know that seahorse farms exist? Kona houses a seahorse and sea dragon farm dedicated to raising and taking care of over 30 species of the beautiful sea creatures! Take a tour of the facility to learn more about seahorses and sea dragons as well as see and touch some for yourself!

5. Tour a coffee farm

Kona is world famous for the incredible coffee it produces. The climate in Kona is perfect for growing the beans which leads to some of the best coffees available. If coffee is your preferred beverage, visit a few local shops or take a tour of a real Kona coffee farm to get up close to where it comes from.

Coffee beans

6. Play a round of golf on one of the world’s top golf courses

Do you enjoy playing a round of golf? If so, you’ve got the opportunity to play around at Mauna Kea, one of the top golf courses in the world. Golf Digest ranks it among 150 of the greatest golf courses available. If golfing is one of your favorite things to do, this is one of the activities in Kona you can’t miss.

Golf in Hawaii

7. Visit the petroglyphs

The Puakō Petroglyph and Waikoloa Petroglyph Fields house some incredible ancient rock carvings made from stone with a chisel and hammer, or petroglyphs. These carvings look almost like a natural graffiti, creating beautiful, rudimentary works of art in the face of the stone. Taking a tour of one of the fields offers the most informational way to view the petroglyphs.

The Puakō Petroglyph

8. Explore the natural beauty of the Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park

Pay a visit to the Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park to see a little bit of everything that Hawaii has to offer. It’s a designated Hawaiian Heritage Site protecting a collection of petroglyphs, sacred temples, and ancient engineering. The park contains a few hiking trails that give you access to various sites throughout the park. If you’re lucky enough you might spot a sea turtle relaxing along the shore of the beach.

9. Delve into some Hawaiian history with a tour of Puuhonua-o-Honaunau National Historical Park

Puuhonua-o-Honaunau National Historical Park gives you the opportunity to visit one of the most sacred sites in the whole of the Big Island. Take a self-guided tour through the park and learn more about the history and culture of Hawaii, one of the most awe-inspiring activities in Kona.

Honaunau national historical park

10. Go snorkeling in Kealakekua Bay

If you want to opt for one of the more physical activities in Kona, go snorkeling in Kealakekua Bay! This protected cove contains crystal-clear waters and an incredible assortment of marine life. You can either choose to take a challenging hike into the bay or opt for a guided tour. If you visit during the right season you might even get the chance to spot a whale!

Snorkeling in Hawaii

Kona: The Perfect Place for Early Recovery

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