Family Therapy

Family therapy provides support for family members struggling with their loved one’s substance abuse.

Addiction affects everyone. To make matters worse, family issues contribute to substance abuse, particularly if there’s a history of trauma, drinking, or drug use. This is why it’s important to go through family therapy (FT) when a loved one enters addiction treatment.

Overall, FT involves group participation and counseling, instead of one-on-one therapy. Because families share a specific bond, it’s best loved ones learn about addiction and make changes to overcome relationship strain. Overall, family health plays a major role in recovery success.

Therapy for families works. For example, The National Institute on Drug Abuse is just one organization that recommends family counseling for all substance abuse treatment programs.

Do I Need Family Therapy?

Your family likely needs counseling if you suffer from addiction. The main reasons people seek family therapy often include:

  • A relative’s continued drug abuse despite the family tension it causes
  • Substance abuse that begins affecting family member mental and physical health
  • A family’s general lack of understanding for addiction as a disease
  • When multiple treatment attempts prove unsuccessful
  • When family tension triggers drug use

Family counseling combines well with other types of treatment including individual and group therapies, medication management, and residential rehab. Family therapy also provides support for family members struggling with their loved one’s substance abuse.

Furthermore, a great aspect of FT is its ability to help anyone you consider “family” heal from addiction. This includes your close friends, immediate and extended family, and even coworkers.

Family Counseling Benefits

Overall, family counseling improves how you engage in treatment. Additionally, it provides higher success rates than treatment that doesn’t involve relatives. It improves participation in aftercare as well.

There are many benefits to family counseling programs. For example, families learn how to stop enabling addictive behavior, gain better mental and physical health, and improve communication. Relatives learn more about self-care and how to improve their overall well-being as well. This helps everyone address codependency, stop the spread of substance abuse within the family unit, and learn to live healthier, happier lives.

During counseling sessions, a therapist leads the family discussion. These dialogues focus on relationship problem-solving, motivation, and accountability skills. This allows all family members to have an equal voice during each meeting.

Family Counseling in Hawaii

When a loved one struggles with substance abuse, your whole family suffers. Fortunately, Hawaii Island Recovery in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, provides residential treatment which includes family therapy. With quality addiction treatment in a private, tranquil setting, your family heals by your side.

In addition, residential treatment at Hawaii Island Recovery also includes:

Over 75 percent of Hawaii Island Recovery clients are clean after one year. We treat all drug and alcohol addictions using advanced therapies, education, skills development, and effective aftercare programs.

If you or someone you love suffers from addiction and it’s time for your whole family to heal, call Hawaii Island Recovery at 866-390-5070. You can always rebuild important relationships with Hawaii Island Recovery’s help. Here, everyone’s future improves. So call now.

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