Women’s Rehab

Women’s rehab is designed to meet the unique needs of females with addiction problems.

Women’s rehab is designed to meet the unique needs of females with addiction problems. Overall, women have different treatment needs than men. Taking the time to familiarize yourself with these helps you choose the program that’s right for you.

Basic Requirements of Women’s Rehab

Women experience specific substance abuse patterns. Therefore, there are certain addiction risk factors men don’t experience. A quality women’s rehab program addresses these and works with patients to avoid them.

Thus, women’s rehab must meet basic requirements for the best results. When seeking addiction treatment, an effective women’s rehab program understands:

  • Women’s unique health needs
  • The role socioeconomic differences play
  • The cultural needs of all women
  • Women’s family roles
  • Society’s expectations of women
  • Treating past trauma as well as addiction

How Women Start Abusing Substances

There are many reasons why women begin abusing drugs or alcohol. For example, the biggest risk factors for females who begin abusing substances are stress, low self-esteem, and toxic relationships. Unfortunately, these often feed off one another.

In most addiction cases, a close loved one introduces women to drugs or alcohol. Typically, this is a boyfriend, family member, or friend.

Not to mention, most women who abuse substances have partners who use as well. Sadly, some users perceive abusing drugs with a partner as a way of connecting. However, drug or alcohol abuse never improves relationships.

Furthermore, family influences women’s introduction to drugs and alcohol as well. For example, when their parents drink, women are more likely to start abusing alcohol as well. Additionally, if females live in abusive, chaotic, or violent households, this may also motivate them to use. If they take on parenting when they’re still a child, they may use to cope with stress.

Trauma and mental illness affect women’s sobriety as well. For example, these might include anxietydepression, eating disorders, and PTSD. Additionally, past trauma causes addiction. Common traumatic events affecting women include childhood abuse, sexual abuse, or domestic violence.

The way society treats women puts them at risk for addiction as well. Discrimination, lower income and the expectation of sacrifice lead many women to self-destructive behavior.

Addiction and Woman’s Health

Sadly, women with substance abuse problems have serious health complications. For example, women often develop addiction faster than men, and their bodies respond differently. Thus, they suffer greater complications that develop more rapidly than men’s addiction health problems.

These health problems include high blood pressure, heart and liver disease, breast cancer, brain damage, and reproduction problems. Women are more likely to contract HIV/AIDs, hepatitis, and other infections as well. During pregnancy, women risk many complications for themselves and their baby when actively abusing drugs or alcohol.

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