My name is “B”. I am a 49 yr old male. I was born and raised on Oahu. Currently  I am a general contractor building custom residential homes. I am a family man, married and have 5 children. I am very successful and have an amazing life!

Except for one area … I am an alcoholic!

I never wanted to admit that I was. I have everything a person with great success desires. Beautiful wife, awesome kids, houses, cars, toys, etc. Except for one thing ……a love for myself and a higher power. I had learned over time to fill those voids with alcohol. It worked great for a long time! Up until about a year ago when alcohol started to control my every day life! Everything stared to evolve around alcohol – meetings, business deals, making dinner at home, outdoor activities! My regular self had been hijacked by alcohol. My life had now become unmanageable. I tried to stop and would make it a week or so. Nothing was working! My wonderful wife started searching for the best place for me to get help (I knew none of this was going on). She knows me very well and knew I would fight the whole idea of a recovery house. Se found Hawaii Island Recovery (HIR) and it was in the top 5 and also located in Hawaii which she  knew would help convince me …. and she did.  I have been at HIR for 31 days and it is the smartest decision that I have ever made. It was very hard to pack up and move into a foreign place.  Foreign house, let alone with strangers, and staff members. I was totally wrong! From the minute I got off the plane with my wife we were greeted and completely attended to. ( I was freaking out inside). The staff made me feel not so crazy and helped me through the first day. Since that day I have learned how to communicate and love myself again (like when I was little boy). I have been at HIR for a month and I can tell you I have found my real self again.  HIR has a daily schedule which really helps. Hawaii Island Recovery also keeps a balance with self-help and very fun activities. The staff members are also in recovery which really helps, they relate to all the emotions and frustrations that surface. They have a wonderful team of therapists that are all specialists in different aspects of healing therapy. It made a big difference in my recovery. I am so grateful for the blessed opportunity to have gone through the HIR program. I have learned so much and been taught how to use these new tools and techniques in my everyday life. 

Myself and family