When I came to the decision to stop drinking, my doctor recommended HIR. I will always be thankful for that choice for the following reasons: HIR has a staff of therapist and doctor who are caring and competent. I was able to realize why my drinking became an obsession and I learned tools to deal with my addiction so I will not continue down that path.

decision stop drinking | Hawaii Island Recovery

Holistic health services

The combination of mental health paired with physical therapy such as yoga, massage, acupuncture, and cranial sacral therapy. Made recovery possible for me in my 30 days stay at HIR.

The beautiful surroundings and small patient/doctor ration (8 patients in the house) made a difference in my recovery too. HIR offered structure, fun activities in addition to mental health and physical therapy.

Amazing food

The chef made the most amazing meals that were healthy as well as delicious.

I will always be grateful for my stay at HIR and will have a fond memory of the professional staff that took great care of me.

Amazing food | Hawaii Island Recovery