Here at Hawaiian Island Recovery, we are proud to call the beautiful island of Hawaii home. The island’s environment is naturally tranquil and healing—the perfect place for a drug or alcohol addict to begin the journey to recovery.

Many of our clients travel in from other parts of the US and from around the world in order to receive treatment at our rehab facility. While they are here, we encourage them to make the most of their time in Hawaii and enjoy all this beautiful island has to offer.

Read on to learn more about swimming with manta rays and why you should put this on your “must do” list before leaving Hawaii.

Swimming with Manta Rays in Hawaii

Whether or not you’ve gone snorkeling or diving before, swimming with manta rays in Hawaii is a unique experience. Why? Because most tours happen at night! This allows you to get up close and personal with manta rays during feeding time. If underwater feeding time sounds a bit scary, don’t worry—manta rays eat tiny plankton and aren’t aggressive towards humans.

According to Love Big Island, the manta rays found in Hawaii’s waters are the second largest species of manta rays in the world, so you can expect to see manta rays with a wingspan of 12-18 feet! The experience is magical and best described by dive instructor Samuel Beckett of Planet Dive (as found on the Love Big Island website):

“Diving with mantas is one of the most satisfying things a person can do in the water. It’s impossible to describe the feeling of watching a massive fish the shape of a stealth bomber coming into vision. It’s akin to watching your child ride a bike for the first time or finding a winning lottery ticket. In fact, I often use the phrase ‘like watching a manta ray swim by’ as a way to describe the feeling of something awesome.”

Here at HIR, we’re grateful that such a life-changing opportunity is available not only on the same island as our facility, but even just a few minutes away. In fact, advocacy group Manta Ray Advocates is located only one mile from our doors. Kailua-Kona is one of the best places in the world for swimming with manta rays, and we are surrounded by excellent tour groups that can lead you on the swim of a lifetime during your stay in Hawaii.

Swimming with Manta Rays While Recovering from Addiction

Addiction recovery is serious work. Our staff of licensed professionals offer a mix of proven evidence-based therapies, cutting-edge experiential therapies, and holistic health services to help clients experience healing of the body, mind, and spirit. We are committed to being a premier residential substance abuse rehab facility—but we’re also committed to having fun along the way!

Excursions are a regular part of the client experience here at Hawaiian Island Recovery. From exploring local waterfalls to relaxing at the beach, residents are given many opportunities to enjoy their time here on the big island. We’ve found that these excursions are an important opportunity for recovering addicts to reconnect with nature, process all they are learning, and have life-changing experiences that will carry them throughout their time in rehab and beyond.

Addiction recovery can and should be an opportunity for residents to learn how to have fun again without the help of an addictive substance. Perhaps this is why The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous proudly proclaims,

“…we aren’t a glum lot. If the newcomers could see no joy or fun in our existence, they wouldn’t want it. We absolutely insist on enjoying life.”

In addition to allowing our residents plenty of opportunities to enjoy life, excursions—such as swimming with manta rays—provide chances to build meaningful relationships with fellow residents. The bonds of friendship that form help residents feel less alone in their journey and can lead to continued support long after a recovery program ends.

In one testimonial, an HIR resident shared,

“I was very fortunate to have a great group of people who became my friends in recovery. After the intense therapy, an excursion and laughter was well needed to process. I am grateful for this opportunity.”

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Hawaii

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We’re always happy to answer your questions as you or your loved one consider taking the first step towards a happy, healthy, and sober future.