Working with health insurances for drug rehab can be a complicated process. The last thing you want to deal with when you’re trying to get someone in your life into treatment is fighting your insurance company. It’s no secret: drug and alcohol treatment is an expensive investment for most people.

How do you know which insurance option to go with? No one wants to consider the possible necessity of addiction treatment coverage when choosing insurance. Still, if it’s something that might be an issue with someone in your life, you need to take it into consideration. Some plans offer better coverage options than others when it comes to addiction and alcoholism treatment.

Do you know what to look for when picking health insurances for drug rehab? Continue reading to learn more about insurance coverage options for addiction treatment in Hawaii. Find out how you can get help for someone in your life without putting yourself through the insurance wringer.

Health Insurances for Drug Rehab in Hawaii

Finding a drug rehab program is stressful in and of itself. There are different levels of care to select from, numerous locations around the country, and various specialties at each facility. This on top of the general stress of dealing with someone’s drug or alcohol addiction creates a stressful situation.

It’s best to prepare yourself ahead of time. If you know you might need them at some point, look over the addiction treatment coverage portions of plans. Some plans cover only certain portions of the treatment process or particular lengths of stay.

Which parts of treatment do you need insurance for?

While not every treatment center runs its program the same, there are some general similarities between each program. The usual treatment plan most people go through includes the following portions to consider when choosing health insurances for drug rehab.


Drug and alcohol detox safely separates a person from the substances they use. After drinking and using for a long time, their body depends on substances to get by.
They experience drug withdrawals when they stop using suddenly and detox helps relieve some of these symptoms.


The next phase of treatment begins once someone separates from drugs and alcohol. Drug and alcohol treatment teaches people more about addiction and helps them learn to live without substances. Treatment care ranges from full-time inpatient programs to part-time outpatient programs. The option you select often largely depends on your health insurance coverage.


One portion of the treatment people forget about is the medication. Many facilities use medication-assisted treatment to help people through the first few weeks and months of getting clean. While some health insurances for drug rehab include this in the cost of treatment, others consider it a separate cost. This might influence your decision on insurance coverage.

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Which types of health insurances for drug rehab are available?

Just like there are different options for treatment levels, there are different kinds of health insurance available: private insurance and public insurance. Thankfully, addiction no longer qualifies as a pre-existing condition so you have more options for coverage. The amount of treatment covered by each option depends on a number of factors, from age to policy.

Private Insurance

Private insurance is an insurance plan purchased either on your own or through your employer. These policies usually run higher in price but also offer better coverage for treatment. Oftentimes you have a wider range of options for facilities, especially with PPO coverage. You’ll pay more upfront for these insurance policies but less for treatment when the
time comes for it.

Public Insurance

Public insurance is insurance offered to everyone through the government.
The Affordable Care Act, or the ACA, made insurance available to people who might not have been able to pay for it in the past. It’s less expensive than private insurance but doesn’t offer as much coverage. Still, public insurance covers at least some portion of addiction treatment for those who need it.

Private Pay

Some people opt to bypass insurance, or don’t have the option to use insurance, and pay for treatment out of pocket. It’s not the most favorable choice to attend treatment without insurance but it’s possible if you’re willing to pay extensively for it.

Can you use HMSA for addiction treatment?

Hawaii Medical Services Association, or HMSA, offers various health plans for people who need insurance. They work within the ACA to offer coverage for people who need treatment but don’t necessarily have the funds for private insurance. HMSA is a fantastic option for health insurances for drug rehab.

Thankfully, many treatment centers, such as Hawaii Island Recovery, accept HMSA plans at their facility. Are you covered by HMSA and looking for an addiction treatment center? Call our facility today at 877-721-3556 to find out what levels of care your plan covers. Our helpful admissions office can answer your questions and explain anything that isn’t clear.

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