Dear Life

We took a long drive to the southern most point of the island to go to a beach illustriously titled, “Green Sands.”  There was a quiet anticipation in the car, everyone was excited to get there and bask in the truly bizarre glory of the place. We turned down South Point road and parked in the lot to catch a 4×4 pick up truck to the beach.

The road going down there isn’t necessarily a road, it’s more of a sandy desert plane with numerous bumps, making the ride more than rocky.  We all had fun in the back of the pick-up trying to hold on for dear life as we careened through these dug out paths, over bumps, and down steep inclines.  We arrived at the beach before there was a rush of tourists.  The place looks like a mirage because there is nothing for so long, and it just pops up out of nowhere.  The beach is a mystical green cut out in the middle of a long expanse of swirling cliffs.

We climbed down and went swimming in the cool water.  There’s something spiritual about the essence of the Hawaiian ocean.  We stayed for a while and took the long ride back home, not without first stopping to jump off a cliff.  Only one of us was brave enough to do that.