Anxiety is a normal part of life, and experiencing some degree of anxiety when faced with trying events or situations is not uncommon. However, for some, anxiety can be an intrusive and detrimental part of life. 

Knowing when to seek help navigating anxiety from rehab centers in Hawaii is crucial for creating a healthy strategy for addressing this prevalent emotion. Anxiety disorders take many forms, and identifying when anxiety has reached a detrimental level is the first step in balancing these stresses without engaging in self-destructive coping strategies or feelings. 

Anxiety Is Normal

Experiencing some degree of anxiety in life is not only normal, but it can even be healthy. Feeling anxious before job interviews or in tense situations is to be expected. Anxiety can cause an individual to improve their focus in order to cope with these situations.

However, not all individuals experience anxiety in the same way, under the same circumstances, or at the same intensity. Those struggling with anxiety disorders can experience sudden increases in a wide array of situations, making it a destructive and prevalent part of daily life. 

How Can I Manage Social Anxiety in Recovery?
How Can I Manage Social Anxiety in Recovery?

Social anxiety can jeopardize your recovery. Discover healing for addiction and mental health with Hawaii Island Recovery. Call (866) 390-5070 today.

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How Anxiety Manifests

Anxiety is any feeling of unease, tension, or worry about a stressful event or uncertain outcome. It affects each individual differently, with each person having their own methods of processing these emotions. Some levels of anxiety may demand professional help to navigate safely or be necessary to understand the source of intense feelings. 

While anxiety can be helpful in certain short-term situations, the mind and body are not intended to perpetually exist in this kind of mindset, as the strain of always finding oneself in a “fight or flight” mode is incredibly tense. Those struggling with anxiety disorders may find it challenging to manage their anxiety levels or experience these intense feelings with unhealthy regularity. This impacts their mental health and can lead to self-destructive coping mechanisms, such as the use of drugs or alcohol to placate these feelings.

The Many Forms of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders encompass a variety of situations and feelings, and there is no one single way in which anxiety manifests. Rather, the term can be associated with everything from phobias and social anxiety to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Generalized anxiety, panic disorders, and more are all unique and personal trials that an individual may face, and finding an individualized approach to anxiety is paramount. 

Regardless of the form, an individual’s anxiety may take, seeking help may be necessary in order to regain a more robust sense of control in their life. Perpetual feelings of anxiety can cause an individual to feel as if they are out of control of their thoughts or environment, leading them to constantly assume the worst possible outcomes in all scenarios. 

Using substances in an attempt to distance oneself from these thoughts is not uncommon, but it is destructive. Others may engage in isolationist practices as a form of self-defense against their own mind. Increased stress levels related to anxiety can also affect one’s dieting, physical health, social life, professional life, and many other aspects of an individual’s day. 

Anxiety Addiction Treatment in Hawaii
Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety disorder can have a major impact on a person's social life. Anxiety treatment in Hawaii is comfortable and person-centered.

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When to Seek Professional Help

While each individual experiences anxiety differently, there are signs to look for that can inform when an individual may need additional assistance in processing how anxiety affects their daily life. 

Professional help may be necessary if anxiety:

  • Negatively affects social life
  • Interferes with personal or professional goals
  • Consistently affects one’s ability to get to sleep or stay asleep
  • Induces feelings of isolation or the feeling one needs to isolate either physically or emotionally for their own safety
  • Begets self-belittling thoughts, such as personal doubt or a defeatist mentality
  • Affects one’s ability to focus on other aspects of life
  • Creates a pervasive feeling of danger or uncertainty
  • Compromises one’s feelings of control of their own daily life
  • Stops an individual from engaging in activities they would otherwise enjoy
  • Causes feelings of restlessness
  • Introduces increased feelings of anger or irritation

Anxiety can affect every aspect of a person’s daily life, perpetuating feelings of anxiety, stress, danger, or other aspects of the fight or flight response, which all take an emotional and physical toll. Seeking professional help for anxiety disorders — whether they are specifically tied to certain events or situations or are more generalized — is essential for taking the first step toward a healthy, more controlled daily life. 

When anxiety is left unaddressed or untreated, it can continue to impact an individual in profound ways. In these instances, professional help can uncover the sources of anxiety and create personalized coping strategies to process these stresses, all while challenging any self-destructive coping strategies or beliefs that may have manifested. 

Anxiety can be an overpowering, imposing emotion that permeates many different aspects of daily life. We at Hawaii Island Recovery understand the destructive feelings anxiety disorders can cause and the self-destructive coping strategies often used to placate them. Our rehab in Hawaii is committed to helping you better understand how anxiety disorders affect your life. We can develop a comprehensive recovery program that addresses these feelings and their sources while you adopt new healthy, sober coping strategies. Your time with us will be filled with individualized, proven therapies backed by a supportive atmosphere and community ready to challenge and overcome your unique obstacles. You can find healing through the blending of our proven strategies with the natural and spiritual healing of the big island of Hawaii. Call to speak to Hawaii Island Recovery about your needs and goals for challenging anxiety disorders today at (866) 390-5070.