I’d like to thank everyone at Hawaii Island Recovery (HIR) for showing me sobriety and helping me start my walk on the long road of recovery. I enjoyed the variety of activities that were made available to us in our stay and I’m definitely going to maintain many of those practices moving forward. The tools that I have acquired here, both psychological and physical, are priceless and I am very optimistic that they will help me maintain my sobriety. All the meetings that we attended in my stay here were immensely helpful. As someone who had only experienced one AA meeting prior to coming here, it was huge for me to see how tight-knit and supportive the AA community can really be. Going forward I am sure to exhibit confidence in going to meetings and seeking help and support from the welcoming members that attend them. My favorite meetings were the harbor meetings solely because of the nice breeze and open environment that the area offered.

All the meetings were great, and I would strongly recommend any of them to a newcomer seeking meetings in the Kona area. Aloha mama probably had the biggest influence on me because of the kindness and open hearts of the members, as well as the serenity provided by the ocean in the early morning.

I enjoyed participating in all the activities, but the obvious best was dolphin therapy. Swimming with dolphins was surreal, serene and exhilarating. It provided a sense of mental clarity that was extremely helpful when examining my recovery and life in general. I am a firm believer that when you get out in nature and can see life for the simplicity and beauty of it, mental barriers are dissolved.

Aside from all that it was always nice changing up the schedule, getting out of the house and getting to ride on a boat looking back at the Island.

I really enjoyed yoga as well; Alyssa did a great job instructing it and I will definitely continue to practice it moving forward. Acupuncture was relaxing and meditative every time and doctor Dan’s professionalism and input were always appreciated. I hadn’t worked out in six years so going to the gym really helped to clean my head and helped me regain confidence in both body and mind.

Holistic Health Services at HIR

Thank you, everyone, for being part of my recovery and showing me I have the strength and confidence necessary to live a good life. The help and love you showed me will always be remembered and appreciated. A life of happiness and love can be achieved as long as I stay humble, open to my greater power, and keep coming back …

membered and appreciated. A life of happiness and love can be achieved as long as I stay humble, open to my greater power, and keep coming back … Just not rehab!

Love Conner