It can be a scary concept when you think about traveling to a center for alcohol and drug treatment. However, there is nowhere more beautiful to seek treatment than in the Big Island of Hawaii. While you may be fearful, knowing how being in a new environment can increase your chances of successful recovery, you will not waste time making that phone call to Hawaii Island Recovery.

The Start of Something New

Treatment close to home can seem like a safe option. The area is familiar, your family is close by, and going home after discharge is a breeze. However, attending treatment close to home can be triggering, especially when you know your friends, places you used to use at, and drugs and alcohol are so close by.

By going to a Hawaii recovery center, you can seek recovery in a brand new environment free from triggers. You will not know anyone at the facility and be surrounded by beautiful waters and the bright sun. Leaving treatment means having to book a plane ticket home. Choosing Hawaii rehabilitation can be the start of the rest of your life.

Medical Detox Treatment

At Hawaii Island Recovery’s drug and alcohol inpatient treatment center, you will have a team of staff members specializing in detox treatment to safely remove substances from your body. First, an addictionologist will determine what withdrawal symptoms you are experiencing to better treat you. Next, you will detox under the supervision of Hawaii Island Recovery’s Medical Director, registered nurse, and resident managers. 

During detox, the only thing you have to do is to let go of the worries of everyday life and allow yourself to feel better through warm blankets and adjusted room temperatures. Once drugs and alcohol are out of your system, you can transition to residential programming for a better tomorrow. 

Alcohol Rehab in Hawaii
Inpatient Rehab

Learn more about inpatient rehab, a vital part of providing people the help and support they need, whether for mental illness, alcoholism, or addiction.

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Opportunities for the Best Therapies

There may be great treatment centers near you, but there is no guarantee they will have what you need. All rehabs are not one-size-fits-all. When searching for substance abuse treatment, it’s crucial to learn what each facility offers. For example, your addiction could be the result of past trauma. However, not all treatment centers have trauma therapists on staff. 

Luckily, Hawaii Island Recovery offers trauma therapy that can help you on your recovery journey. There are also a variety of other therapies you have access to in Hawaii, like holistic health services, evidence-based therapies, experiential therapies, and even dolphin therapy. 

Beautiful Hawaii Island Nature

If you live in the suburbs or the city, a treatment stay may not be in the most relaxing environment. While 12-Step programs and therapy sessions are a crucial aspect of treatment, mindfulness therapy in the great outdoors can be highly beneficial in easing your mind and soul. Mindfulness activities can take your thoughts away from the negativity and help you focus on the present moment.

Hawaii Island Recovery offers experiential excursions, including hiking and nature-based therapy along the beach, mountains, and the woods. At our treatment center in Hawaii, you have the opportunity to dive into the big blue sea to see the wonders of the Pacific Ocean. You cannot get serene nature activities like this anywhere else but in a Hawaii inpatient drug rehab.

Around the Clock Staff Members

Residential treatment can give you 24-hour care with help all around you. Never do you have to feel you are short of support and care. Hawaii Island Recovery is considered one of the leading treatment centers in Hawaii, and when you choose treatment with us, you will have the very best therapists and staff to help you along your journey. Our team of treatment specialists is comprised of licensed professionals who offer personalized care and interventions. These staff members can show you a world without drugs and alcohol to help you learn to maintain a sober lifestyle for many years to come.

Residential Treatment | Hawaii Island Recovery
Residential treatment

Hawaii Island Recovery offers residential treatment programming for a minimum of 30 days and up to 90 + days, depending on medical necessity.

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Community Support

At Hawaii Island Recovery, not only will you receive support through staff members, but you will have the opportunity to meet others in recovery just like you. Addiction can make you feel like you are alone in your struggles. Our inpatient facility can show you a community of people who are all after the same thing – a life without drugs or alcohol. 

We provide our patients the option to engage in a 12-Step program, where those in recovery can share the stories of their struggles and accomplishments in recovery. You will see that every story is different. You can learn what others have done to overcome the obstacles addiction has created. With some bravery and encouragement, you can be one of those people standing up there telling your story too. 

The many benefits of a Hawaiian treatment program will outweigh anything you could receive anywhere else. If you want a personalized treatment program as well as fun in the sun, contact us today to see if Hawaiian inpatient rehab is the right choice for you.

Drugs and alcohol may have ruined many parts of your life that you used to cherish, like your work, friends, and family. Luckily, the Big Island can help you take the life fragmented by substance abuse and give it right back to you. When you seek inpatient drug and alcohol treatment centers in Hawaii, you will feel like you are in a whole new world. Sometimes, you need the serenity of the deep blue sea and the Big Island sun to show you the beauty that is in the world. Hawaii Island Recovery, one of the leading treatment centers in Hawaii, can bring you around-the-clock staff to create a personalized treatment program for long-term recovery. We can provide you with 12-Step programs, individualized and group therapy, holistic practices, and much more. Call Hawaii Island Recovery today at (866) 390-5070 to learn more about our services and see if Hawaiian treatment is right for you.