Addiction is a disease shared by many, and while it takes many forms, it damages each person and their friends and families in disastrous ways. From severing meaningful relationships to compromising employment and causing further damage to one’s finances, and physical health, and presenting legal issues in the form of possession or DUI arrests or accidents, addiction is a heavy weight to bear. 

Hawaii Island Recovery, one of the premier drug abuse treatment centers in Hawaii, takes an honest recovery approach to the needs of each patient, addressing the struggles of addiction and its effects to find the right path for each individual. Whether Hawaii Island is the right place to begin one’s sober journey or a resource to help find the best path and level of treatment for each individual, Hawaii Island Recovery will be the last call for help you’ll ever have to make.

Finding the Courage for Change

Addiction will continue to damage one’s life until addressed, and often there are major inciting events that truly highlight the need for change. Realizing how addiction affects oneself and one’s family is a significant step, but taking the first step toward change is another hurdle entirely.

For some, pursuing addiction treatment is an admittance of guilt or shame that is difficult to cope with. However, acknowledging the effects of addiction and its consequences is crucial for creating an honest and open path to healing. 

Hawaii Island Recovery is a place for community, with peers all coming to terms with their past in order to set the right goals for the future. Sharing in this courage brings peers together, seeing themselves in each others’ stories. Each person will have their own motivations, goals, and history, but sharing a community and culture can help build the strategies, community, and courage necessary for a transformative, sober experience.


Despite what some may think, making the decision to seek treatment takes courage. This article explores ways newly recovering addicts can use courage to overcome substance abuse.

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Using Peer and Community Support

Addiction is a personal disease, but being able to share one’s experience and story can create a genuinely supportive atmosphere. Peers and community support reinforce one’s reasons for pursuing sobriety while introducing new perspectives, coping techniques, and keeping one accountable for their own sober future.

Experiencing the transformative and experiential programs available at Hawaii Island Recovery alongside peers and our supportive community can help you recognize the transformations possible, all while setting forth a new lifestyle and mentality based on the spirit and energy of our uniquely Hawaiian recovery.

Supportive peers help you feel at home in your own skin, navigating the complex, vulnerable world of recovery and helping create a feeling of acceptance. However, being at home in yourself doesn’t just come from finding a place of belonging but also from taking hold of these changes for oneself.

The Desire to Change Yourself

There are as many paths to sobriety as there are people, but even the fanciest, most expensive, luxurious places don’t guarantee a sober future. Each person has to want their own change, and there is a big difference between being well taken care of and being truly well.

Hawaii Island Recovery is a place to explore what sobriety means to each individual and serves to provide each person with the resources necessary to make their own change. Addiction is a powerful disease, and each day presents its own battle. However, it can be overcome by dedicating oneself to their own sober future.

Finding the power within and dedicating oneself to recovery and sobriety is a spiritual experience, and no care, strategy, or medication can fix addiction without wanting these changes. Hawaii Island isn’t just about finding the right path to a sober future; it is about discovering each person’s reasons for wanting to take control of their own lives.

Is addiction a disease
Is Addiction a Disease?

If you've asked, "Is addiction a disease?", chances are you or a loved one is exhibiting questionable behaviors. Addiction treatment is the next step.

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The Forces Behind Addiction

Addiction can be fueled by many forces. Between workplace or familial stresses to mental health, uncovering the forces behind addiction is just as important to the recovery process as learning any coping strategy. Hawaii Island Recovery is dedicated to this kind of transformation, not only helping to safely process urges or cravings but also addressing the unique parts of one’s life that affect the use of addictive substances that lay beneath the surface.

Recovery is a transformation that isn’t limited to just one aspect of one’s life. Instead, it is an experience that seeks to heal the entire self, in lifestyle, mentality, and spirit. Without addressing the root of addiction, it can be waiting and following an individual wherever they go – from work to home and even while in treatment. 

Hawaii Island is a place to confront not only the consequences of addiction but also its causes to create a truly transformative experience. The unique community, experiences, and energy of Hawaii Island are ready to help you take the first step toward your own sober future. We are just one phone call away. 

Hawaii Island Recovery is a place of change, transformation, and community, all working to help you take the most impactful steps toward a sober future. Our unique blending of alcohol and drug rehab programs in Hawaii with our culture and sense of camaraderie allows us to embrace you wherever you are in your journey with addiction. From detox and residential treatment to partial hospitalization and outpatient care, we can meet your needs while introducing you to our culture and transformative energy on the Big Island. Whether we are helping you take your first step, or are acting as a resource to help you find the best place to begin your treatment, Hawaii Island Recovery will be the last call you’ll ever have to make for help with addiction. For more information on our programs, or to speak to a caring, trained staff member about your unique situation, call (866) 390-5070.

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