Medicine Walks & Hikes

Being immersed in nature during recovery can support healing and holistic wellness. Read more about Medicine Walks & Hikes at HIR.

Medicine Walks & Hikes at Hawaii Island Recovery 

Medicine walks and hikes make up a large portion of our Experiential Programming and are a significant part of the treatment and patient experience at Hawaii Island Recovery, along with other healing modalities and treatment programs. Our medicine walks and hikes are a type of therapeutic group, yet individual, modality that engages patients in nature-based hikes and integrates learning about Hawaiian culture along with space for conscious reflection and exploration. 

How Do Medicine Walks & Hikes Help With Substance Use Recovery?

Medicine walks and hikes create space for patients to gain nature-based experiences and connections. Being in nature is proven to be a powerful way to connect to one’s self and environment, which can lead to nurturing long-term sobriety and recovery from substance use and mental health disorders. Because of the link between being in nature and its impact has on healing, this is a significant and unique part of the healing experience at Hawaii Island Recovery as individuals are surrounded by the abundant nature on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

How do Medicine Walks

What Can I Expect on a Medicine Walk/Hike? 

Medicine walks and hikes are one of the most significant parts of the experience at Hawaii Island Recovery. During these walks, the group is guided by someone who is skilled in leading medicine walks and hikes. The guide is responsible for not only guiding individuals along the hike but also showing them parts of Hawaiian culture native to the Big Island of Hawaii as the walk continues. 

For example, there are many plants that are native to the Hawaiian land that are also medicinal in nature. Some are even edible and have powerful healing properties for a variety of different ailments. The Big Island is incredibly diverse in terms of different types of landscapes. It’s also the home to eleven of the world’s thirteen different climate zones, which isn’t found in many other places. This adds to the patient experience as being in nature has profound impacts on creating space for healing and recovery to take place in experiences of not only physical illnesses but also substance use and mental health disorders. 

Because of the abundant nature that is accessible, the patient experience is deepened as individuals are able to anchor into their relationship with nature and environment, and thus with themselves and others. The medicine walks and hikes at Hawaii Island Recovery are an intentional time for patients to engage in conscious reflection as they are guided to explore their inner world as they connect to nature. 

Medicine walks and hikes are especially healing as they are part of the ancient Hawaiian culture. Part of this culture is referred to as “Mana,” which translates to spiritual energy and strength. The presence of Mana can be felt in different places for many people and is especially present on Hawaiian land as it is part of Hawaiian culture. Being outdoors and surrounded by nature can help individuals connect to this energy and reduce stress and negativity as their strength, courage, and vitality are restored. 

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Substance Abuse Recovery at Hawaii Island Recovery

Most substance use disorder treatment programs begin with a period of supervised medical detox, where individuals are supported by a team of trained professionals during the withdrawal process as they detox from any substances in their system. This phase of treatment is important to undertake with professionals trained to guide patients during the process of substance detox as this period can be very uncomfortable and even dangerous for both the patient and those around them. In being guided by a treatment team, it is possible to keep everyone as safe and as comfortable as possible. 

Medically Supervised Detoxification in Hawaii

After supervised medical detox, individuals frequently enter residential treatment at the same center they completed their detox with in order to allow for a smooth transition into further treatment. At Hawaii Island Recovery, we offer medically supervised detox followed by our residential treatment program. Before individuals begin their treatment plan, they meet with their treatment team to discuss what treatment options and what their recovery needs and goals are from a holistic perspective.  Because each person is at a different place in their recovery, what treatment looks like for each person will be different, which is why one of our values is taking a person-centered approach to healing so individuals are met where they are at in their healing journey. 

It’s likely some form of continued support and treatment will be necessary after completing residential treatment, which is why lower levels of care, such as outpatient and aftercare programming, are offered to help patients during their transition from residential care. In this phase of treatment,  individuals are supported as they reintegrate into their lives without the structure of residential treatment to gain the life skills they need to maintain and sustain their recovery. Without aftercare and outpatient support, treatment is often not as sustainable in the long term, which also increases the risk of relapse. Although relapse isn’t something that is always preventable, outpatient and aftercare services can provide valuable support and help patients develop skills and techniques that prevent relapse and sustain long-term recovery. 

Outpatient Treatment | Hawaii Island Recovery

At Hawaii Island Recovery, we are committed to meeting you where you are at in your healing journey and are ready to support you in a way that makes sense for you as you rediscover yourself, experience sobriety, and maintain recovery. 

Recovering from substance use disorder or mental health disorder can be challenging. Being immersed in nature through medicine walks and hikes during recovery helps with your healing process, which is why you will find outdoor experiential programming as part of your holistic treatment programming at Hawaii Island Recovery, a premier drug and alcohol treatment center located on the Big Island. To learn more about how you can begin treatment at Hawaii Island Recovery, call us at (866) 390-5070.