If you’re visiting Hawaii soon there’s no doubt you’ll want to bring back some souvenirs from Hawaii to remember your time. There are dozens of exciting things to do in this tropical paradise with countless momentos to remember them by. It’s not always easy to know what to buy while you’re there, though, so this list will give you some ideas to get started.

You want to pick things from cherished moments during your trip. If you’re going alone, bring things back that remind you of the people you love. When you go with friends or family, items that help you recall your time together will be best! Continue reading through this list of souvenirs from Hawaii to get your own ideas flowing about what to bring home with you!

10 of the Best Souvenirs From Hawaii

When picking souvenirs for yourself, think about the activities on your trip you’re most excited about. You might want to choose things that will remind you of those fun tours, hikes, or other activities you have planned. Bringing a blend of different things, such as food, clothing, and decorations, covers all your momento needs.

Obviously, the types of souvenirs you bring back for others depend on the people you bring them for. Do you have kids at home? Will the souvenirs be mainly for your friends or family members? Do you have any coworkers you’d like to bring a gift back for? Would they prefer something like a t-shirt or some type of Hawaiian food or candy?

Create a list of people you want to get something for before you leave for your trip. Writing out your list ahead of time keeps you on track once you’re gone so you don’t buy more than you mean to. You could even write ideas of what you want to get for them before you head out if you want to be completely prepared!

1. Authentic Hawaiian shirts

It goes without saying that an authentic Hawaiian aloha shirt should come back for at least one person! These shirts are an island staple dating back over 75 years. Unless you live somewhere that doesn’t get very warm, an aloha shirt from the island itself is one of the best souvenirs from Hawaii to bring home.

2. Pictures from tours or activities

Many tours and activities offer professional pictures of you at their location. They say pictures are worth 1,000 words and they’re one of the best ways to remember a trip by. Pick one or two of your favorite excursions and purchase your picture from them; you’re unlikely to regret that buy!

3. Macadamia nuts

Hawaii is famous for its macadamia nuts, a delicious, meaty nut renowned for its health benefits. You can purchase macadamia nuts in dozens of different ways from sweet to salty, raw or roasted. Chocolate covered macadamia nuts are another amazing, decadent option to return with.

4. Lauhala items

Lauhala is the leaves of the hala tree that are harvested, dried, and fashioned into any number of items. You can find hats, mats, baskets, wallets, purses and more, all woven from lauhala. These items are one of the most authentic souvenirs from Hawaii to bring home.

5. Hawaiian jewelry

Hawaiian jewelry is not only a practical option but it’s a beautiful one as well. You can hardly ever go wrong with jewelry. Bring back a traditional, engraved Hawaiian heritage bracelet or a beautiful set of earrings to remember your trip by, or to show someone you love you were thinking about them.

6. Kona coffee

Kona is well-known for its ideal climate, perfect for producing amazing coffee. There are plenty of Kona coffee knock-offs available wherever you go. If you have a coffee lover in your life, bring back some authentic Kona coffee from the Big Island where it came from. There are no better souvenirs from Hawaii for someone who loves coffee.

7. Soaps or lotions

Soaps and lotions are a fantastic option for souvenirs from Hawaii to return with. There are some amazing handcrafted soaps made by locals and sourced from local ingredients. They offer some incredible scents with authentic Hawaiian ingredients, including pineapple, passion fruit, coconut, kukui, and plenty more.

8. Hawaiian quilts

Hawaiian quilters incorporate the art of the tropics into their quilts, making for a unique and beautiful gift. If it’s a bit too cold for an aloha shirt where you live, a Hawaiian quilt might be one of those great alternative souvenirs from Hawaii to bring back!

9. Local art

Art is an incredible way to remember your trip and a fantastic option for supporting local Hawaiian artists. There are countless types of art available all over Hawaii, from drawings and paintings to carvings and sculptures. Made from dozens of different materials suitable for anyone, local artists make some amazing, authentic souvenirs from Hawaii to bring back.

10. Unforgettable memories

Whatever you do, don’t get completely caught up in buying things and forget to live in the moment. Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on the entire planet. Stay present and soak up every moment you spend there. Make the most of the time that you have on your trip and create memories that will last you a lifetime.

Take pictures of the scenery, the exciting things you see, yourself, and the group you go with. While remembering to bring back souvenirs from Hawaii for people at home, don’t forget to be there. Traveling is all about the experiences you might not have the chance to experience again. No matter what you buy your memories will remain with you.

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